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Updated: Jun 7, 2023

It’s been estimated that only 2% of the population know what their purpose is and are pursuing it. Dr. Hill said (Think and Grow Rich) “your major responsibility right now is to find what you desire in life, where you are going and what you will do when you get there. This is one responsibility which no one but you can assume; and it is one responsibility 98% out of 100 will not assume. That is the major reason only 2/100 can be rated as successful”, especially when it comes to one’s purpose.

The question is why do we need purpose? If most people don’t realize what their purpose is and still seem to get through life then, “Why” do you need to find your purpose? Most every one says that life is a struggle, so what difference does having a purpose make? Big Question: It seems most people are not aware that they often don’t have a purpose.

Have you noticed that people who do not have a purpose are usually the ones that talk about how hard life can be and always seem to have some battle their dealing with? Why is it that people who do have a purpose for their life almost never talk about their struggles or don’t seem to have a lot of struggles at all? So, it comes down to a choice…you can choose to struggle through life and when its all over with, wonder what the trip was for, or one can live with “purpose”. I’ve chosen to follow my purpose. So let’s talk about why having a purpose for your life is important.

Having a purpose causes you to make a difference. Most everyone would like to think they make a positive difference, but when asked they cannot answer what they are doing to accomplish this.

It’s absolutely true that our income is tied to our purpose. Also, the amount of one’s time required is determined by your purpose. When I was working in my profession I realized that my income was tied to the number of credits or degrees I held. So naturally I kept pursuing more. My purpose was to fulfill the maximum requirements as quickly as possible.

Purpose gives you more control of your future. It helps avoid the “drifting” of thoughts which allows others to make decisions about your life for you. But when you know what you want and where you are going, you can plan your own course and chart your destiny.

Purpose gives you more focus. Enabling you to make more decisions for yourself. Allowing less wasted time, money, energy, and distractions.

Purpose brings more contentment. Causing you to become more thankful for what you have. There is more satisfaction that comes by doing what you were born to do and how it can benefit you and other people.

Having a definite purpose assures you will be more peaceful (no confusion). Peace is an internal condition. Things outside of your purpose do not become overly concerning, which reduces the amount of stress and anxiety you feel. Regardless of issues, the challenges around you, have less influence over you when you know your own purpose and stay the course.

Purpose creates more confidence. No one can rock your boat. A benefit to this is attracting people to yourself. It should bring more humility that many will find attractive.

Purpose creates better relationships. Knowing who you are, will promote relationships with others which are more genuine and sincerer. Being sincere with people causes greater trust. You know where you stand with those you are around.

Purpose brings unity (harmony). Unity is necessary within a marriage, a business, a government, church and every other type of group. This allows people to work together smoothly, and accomplish much more. Purpose helps to eliminate jealousy and competitions and promote cooperation. For example, our Webcast Team works with purpose and vision which becomes important and vital to our success in our events and webinars.

Purpose brings Faith. Faith is essential to success. Faith to expect that your work will pay off. Faith in using your gifts and talents to accomplish your purpose.

We have discovered in most cases that people who become successful are always people of action, with purpose. In other words, they have individual initiative. It’s the power and energy that puts one’s purpose into action. Organizing one’s efforts will always get you ahead faster than allowing yourself to drift, from one interest to another. Leadership will often come from the proper mental attitude, of “get the man right and the whole world seems right” which comes from an old time expression.

Dr. Hill once asked Andrew Carnegie the question “Is individual effort one of the greatest privileges we enjoy as citizens of the United States of America?’ Mr. Carnegie’s answer was “not only is it among the greatest; it is the greatest!” This privilege is guaranteed in the Constitution, for every citizen in the US. It is of such great importance that every well-managed business recognizes and properly rewards those who display aptitude in using their own initiative for the betterment of their business. This gives opportunity for any employee to someday be the owner of his own business. Working from the position of necessity or working from personal choice which is called Free Enterprise. Leadership is born from this struggle. Again, personal initiative is the power action that causes a purpose to be displayed, fulfilled and enjoyed. We were created to be successful, using our applied Faith, self-discipline, and passionately pursuing our Purpose. Let’s take the limitations off of ourselves and “go for the gold”.

Cheers for your success,

Coach Jack, 8.2018

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