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Jack & Sharon McLennan


Jack & Sharon believe it is important to set an example of success in everything they do in order to give others a living blueprint. They have committed their lives to studying and learning the principles of success, not only in business, but in life as well. As they continue to grow and learn, they have now added a new commitment to teaching and training others.

"What are the “touch downs” of life?   Is it not, the realization of making a dream come true for someone you love, or for yourself? Freedom of time and money has to be the “élan vital” of a young man’s life.


There is a proverb that tells us, young men have Visions and old men dream Dreams. With a dream, only one can see it. But with a vision, the whole world will see it.

We view our business as a gift, which has brought opportunity and friendships, education and motivation. It has taught us the value of keeping our focus and never giving up."


                                                      Jack & Sharon

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Jack & Rita Daughery

Jack & Rita are two of the biggest business builders in their industry globally. Jack & Rita provide mentorship

and teaching to businesses and organizations around the world.


Team Leadership Alliance is privileged to have them partnering with us to reach new levels of success.

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