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There are things successful people NEVER do, so let’s talk about that. During times of trials and hardships, when life seems challenging, there are certain things we must do to keep ourselves encouraged and ready for battle.

Change is hard. Really hard because habits, especially bad habits, can be difficult to change. Things we have tried to quit like over-eating, negative confessions or comments to family members, over-spending or not being punctual have usually been lifelong habits, and are called “strong holds” in our deepest core thinking. Research shows that people in general experience difficulty changing a single habit, let alone several.

So, what do successful people do to change how they do things, which propels them on to becoming more successful?

1. Successful people never return in the same way, to what hasn’t worked!

It may be a job or a broken relationship that was ended for a good reason, as one who is expecting different results, never go back to the same thing without something being different and making some changes.

There are several mistakes that successful people do not REPEAT. Successful people don’t allow toxic relationships into their life. The relationships in your life are an indicator of successful living. It’s been said we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.Evaluate the relationships in your life.Get honest about who might need to go.Don’t make the mistake of allowing toxic relationships to slow down or stop any progress toward your success.

2. Successful people don’t spend years doing work that doesn’t fulfill them. Spend time finding or creating work that will support the kind of life you want to live and give the kind of freedom you desire.

3. People who are successful do not allow doubt and fear to dictate their choices. Do not allow doubt and fear to be a factor when you are making decisions. When intense times show up, do you have an idea of what’s coming your way? What happens next? Do you panic or do you stay calm and fearless because you know you can handle what may happen around the corner in life. The difference in handling things calmly is what will set you apart from those who give in to fear and do not control their emotions.

4. Successful people do not chase other people’s dream. Dreams, goals and freedom have to be personal. Don’t let the attraction of someone else’s dream derail you from discovering yours.

5. Successful people NEVER under-estimate the power of physical fitness. What you eat and how active you are affects how you tackle your goals. Your physical fitness is tied to your success in every way. Your health is a priority because it’s one of the keys to living a long and happy life. Be in tune with your body.

6. Successful people do not do things they know they don’t want to do. To be honest with yourself, you have to cut those things out of your life that take you away from your goals and purpose. Time is precious and life can be short. Don’t waste either on things you don’t want or need to do.

7. Successful people do not copy others who appear to look successful. People who are successful see value in modeling success, but they understand copying will not produce the same results. In the world of writing that’s called plagiarism, totally not allowed.

Because something worked for another doesn’t mean it will work the same way for you. Learn from your own mistakes, as we all make a few mistakes and usually remember them for several years. The key is to not repeat them. We fall and get back up and move on with determination to work on our goals harder, but a little smarter.

Remember everyone makes mistakes, even the most successful people. One of the things achievers do better than most, is recognize patterns or habits that are causing mistakes and do their best to not repeat them. Our task in business and in life is to observe what they are and never go back to doing them again.

This is your life, make it count. See you at the top, Coach Jack

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