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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The point is, when you find your Purpose, you will discover why you are where you are in life. What happens when you live without Purpose? To answer this question, wavering Purpose equals wavering focus, which equals wavering Destiny. Starting with Drifting, the following can and will happen:

Drifting means you are without clear direction, determination, perseverance, clear decision-making skills, and tend to live only to survive what others make happen in your life. Most people today spend very little time thinking about their future and what they will do with their life. This is when drifting enters.

When a person is in survival mode in their thinking, they will attempt to get their needs met one way or the other, and this will for sure bring about “drifting”. Drifting is a known trap, making chances of finding your purpose almost impossible. This comes about by allowing circumstances to take control. (Listen to the Audio on Accountability, by Jack Daughery. He explains how to check yourself to make sure drifting does not become an Abuse to yourself.) Without purpose abuse is sure to take place. Not a good place to be in.

Abuse is using something in a way not intended for its use, i.e. time not managed properly, entertainment overemphasized, eating to avoid boredom, etc. Lack of, or weak discipline in habits causes a lot of abuse to oneself.

Procrastination causes indecision due to not having a clear purpose. This will generally cause much confusion and frustration to oneself and others around you. Making decisions becomes easy when Purpose is embedded into the subconscious!

Lack of Commitment is revealed when there is no Purpose; waiting for something better to come along. And people with no commitment usually end up drifting, (tending to not move directed by certainty) just allowing things to happen as the moment dictates. People who know and follow their purpose attract people who support their dreams and desires. Purpose driven people are empowered by invincible determination and focused faith to make it happen.

Lack of Excellence, the habit of only doing enough to get by in every situation, becomes the rule of performance. They may be good starters, but poor finishers; work to a certain level of satisfaction, but tire easily. If you love what you do, satisfaction and fulfillment come easily. Going the extra mile is part of one’s purpose.

Fear is described as false evidence appearing real. Fear will keep people from finding their Purpose by stopping them from walking and talking in Faith. We would call them a negative personality type, as opposed to a positive personality who knows where they are going and have the faith they can accomplish the tasks set before them. Setbacks, disappointments and failures happen, but because they have a Purpose they have confidence that drives them on with the ability to endure. They won’t quit. That’s when passion embraces the Purpose, indicating they indeed possess a Purpose.

Poor Health has usually been connected to stress-related disorders. There will always be a certain amount of stress in our lives. Of course some stress at times can be helpful. However, without a Purpose, the stress level goes much higher on the Richter scale. With a Purpose that is easily identified, one tends to look for a positive effect even in the stressful situation, and one’s health tends to improve.

Faithlessness generally comes from negative thinking, (the attitude that good cannot come about in certain situations). Having a Purpose helps to overcome this, allowing greater faith in yourself, in others and hopefully in God. When you know that the Creator has freely given you a certain gift just for you, you will use that gift to create success. This brings greater self-confidence, which is called faith.

Depression with anxiety and discouragement are the leading health problems in the world today. Depression is a for-sure sign that few people know their Purpose. The good news is that Purpose creates meaning. When you have meaning in your life, there is more reason to carry on and reach your dreams and goals. People with Purpose don’t have time for depression. They are busy using their gift. Rather than take time to get depressed, they are excited to share what they have and what they have been called to do.

Suicide is untreated depression. Every person with a Purpose, committed to that Purpose, will not be interested in taking their own life. A person who knows their God-given gift attached to their Purpose, would not be cutting life short. They would search for more time on earth instead of less time. By now it should be clear that Purpose is paramount. It brings hope and belief and meaning to one’s life.

Finding my Purpose in life has made a huge change and difference in my life, and has given me hope and belief for an exciting and rewarding future. Your passion follows your Purpose. You may be saying: I want my passion back; I want fire in my heart. Passion is not a sensation, it’s a decision. Just do it! Don’t get distracted. You will find you don’t need someone’s approval. YOU follow your Purpose with passion.

Its time we start living life to the fullest instead of settling for a ‘just get-by’ lifestyle. Our future looks bright and rewarding. Be strong and Purpose driven.

See you at the top. Coach Jack

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